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Software review: GameChanger

When it comes to the sport’s world, there are so many statistics you can keep track of it is almost mind boggling. Fortunately, there are pieces of software that help keeping track of these statistics more efficient. One of these pieces of software is known as GameChanger. GameChanger helps you keep track of stats and conditions of the game like no other.

You can step in the shoes of a manager when it comes to keeping track of softball games by keeping track of the score, how many hits someone has, or even how many times someone has pitched a strikeout. You can even use the GameChanger app to keep track of spray charts and pitch counts. Applications like these are useful for when you need to determine who should be in what role and how efficient they are at what given time. Knowing stats like the pitchers pitches per at bat and a pitch strike percentage can be detrimental to your game and really give you the advantage no one else has. If you need to do more than track stats, you can even customize the way you keep score. For instance, you can use the app to change rules around on-the-fly and even categorize the stats you track and how old certain players are in the game.

Another useful feature of Gamechanger is that you can use it to manage your team more effectively. You can even use the app to keep everyone in the loop via a text message so everyone knows what play is being done and who is playing what position. This is essentially a community all your own within the app so no one is confused with what is going on. Setting a roster and getting everyone on the same page is an essential function of the game; GameChanger makes this effortless and fluid with their all-in-one app feature. Having just one schedule can definitely save on time without having to individually keep people in the loop, and that is a feature that every coach should want.

Playing softball itself is just one aspect of the game but being able to make your team better is another. GameChanger is seriously what it says its name is and is something everyone should invest in. It is free for coaches and scorekeepers so there is absolutely no excuse not to give it a shot.Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.22.15 PM


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