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PLAY BALL! Services


The College recruiting process can be intimidating and overwhelming for everyone involved. Whether you are a coach, parent, or student-athlete, it is important that you educate yourself and understand the process. Seminars and counseling for families, teams and groups are available covering the following topics:

*Rates are determined on an individual basis depending on each client’s needs.

RightView Pro Hitting Analysis

Take advantage of our advanced techniques such as the major league frame-by-frame video hitting assessment used by the pros to assess and modify the swing at each of the nine critical points. At each point we compare the player's swing to those of established major league all stars. This high-tech look at a player’s current skills highlights particular areas for improvement, which we then emphasize in individual coaching sessions. Click here to learn more.

Skills Video

Our video staff members are experts in fastpitch softball. They include former collegiate softball players, instructors and coaches. They will customize your video shoot to highlight your athletic abilities so that you can market your skills.

College Coach Showcases/Camps

PLAY BALL! Works with various organizations in the Cleveland area to bring you College Softball Coaches Camps designed to provide players in the high school graduating classes with the opportunity to be instructed and evaluated by some of the best college programs in the country.

Camps and Clinics

PLAY BALL! can tailor an instructional program for any organization regardless of coaching or playing background. The content of each clinic will be customized to your specific needs and can include both lecture and participation orientated field sessions.

How to get Started

PLAY BALL! will travel to your location to conduct an enjoyable and motivating clinic targeted specifically at the needs of your players or coaches right on your field. You get:

Audience-tailored / Age-tailored / Skill-tailored instruction right at your facility.

PLAY BALL! Custom Clinic Needs Assessment

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Skill Level:


Pitching - Beginning topics
How to Practice with Advanced Pitchers
How to Analyze Game Effectiveness with Advanced Pitchers
How to Call Games - for catchers, coaches and pitchers
The Running Slap
Fielding (infield)
Fielding (outfield)
Position Play
Defensive Coverages & Strategy
Offensive Plays & Strategy
Charting and Scouting
How to Call a Game
What to do during Practice
How to Make Your Practice More Competitive
How to Handle the Mental Aspects of Dealing with Your Players





Once you've completed the "Needs Assessment" items you're ready to contact PLAY BALL! to schedule your own clinic. Maximize Your Potential and book your custom clinic at your location today!