PLAY BALL! Lessons


I believe that in order for a player to be sucessful they have to be willing to contribute to their own improvement. I can and will supply the expertise but, only in hopes of teaching the student what I know and how to use it themselves to make adjustments and ultimately eliminate their own mistakes.

Hitting Analysis using Right View Pro technology

Using the Rightview Pro software we can compare our students to the best major leaguers. See how your hitting or pitching mechanics compares side by side to the best of the best. Used in hitting & pitching instruction.

Private Catching/Hitting/Pitching/All Skills Lessons (1-2 Students)

Private lessons provide individualized attention because only one to two players are working with me. This format is perfect for athletes who prefer personal instruction at their own pace or for siblings or teammates that enjoy working together.

* Prepaid package pricing – must be paid in full prior to first scheduled lesson Payable to Angela Biddlestone. All final prices will include a 2% service charge.

General Policies

Cancellation – If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the lesson unless another student takes the appointment.

Payment – All lessons must be paid for in advance.

*Lessons never expire; you will receive an email after each lesson so that you can keep track of how many you have left.